Connecting Investors
with Entrepreneurs

Our investor group specializes in small to medium-sized businesses, targeting those with annual revenues exceeding $500,000 within the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Singapore, or Australia as part of our investment criteria.

Our Mission

The small business asset class faces significant challenges. There’s a crucial need for mature small businesses to access global capital. We address this issue by offering mature small business owners worldwide the chance to engage with our unique investment solutions, aimed at growing their businesses and wealth.

Gianfranco Neira

Founder of GF Enterprises Holdings


Phase 1

Due Diligence: Identifying Mature Small Businesses

Our mission is specifically tailored towards mature small businesses, recognizing that we cannot assist every enterprise. We’ve gathered a worldwide team of small business specialists who not only deeply comprehend but are also personally invested in enhancing the businesses we choose to invest in or acquire. We value the original business owners’ personal contributions and futures, consistently striving for solutions that benefit all parties involved. The cornerstone of our success lies in having a unified team that leverages each other’s strengths, ensuring collective success for all stakeholders.

Phase 2

A Winning Deal Structure 

No two businesses are identical. Crafting a successful deal structure begins with a thorough understanding of your objectives and motivations, alongside ensuring a compatible long-term cultural fit. Our distinctive investment approach is designed to equip mature small businesses with the necessary resources to seize optimal opportunities for growth and expansion effectively.

Phase 3

Increasing The Share Value Of The Business

By engaging with our unique investment solution, mature small businesses will gain the opportunity to swiftly enhance their value beyond the conventional average valuation typically assigned.

Our Simple Promise

To Secure and Grow the Future of You and Your Small Business