Fair market prices are paid for all businesses we acquire, and we seek to retain the staff that made the business a success. This may involve promoting one of your top management team to run the day-to-day operations.


We prefer not to bring in external people and we would rather promote from within. We also seek to retain the great name and reputation you’ve built in your business for longevity.


We are highly nimble and able to close asset purchases in 6 weeks, and share purchases in 12 weeks as compared to other companies taking 6 months to 12 months.


We provide you options if you own the property, we can either buy it from you or lease it from you so that you can benefit from the ongoing lease income.


We seek business owners that would agree to be (reasonably) available and willing to help us during the transition period (length to be mutually agreed) for a very smooth transition.


We have a strict policy of confidentiality. We would not visit the business for the walk-through until later in the process (during Due Diligence) so that your operations would not be disturbed.

About Us

GF Enterprises Holdings is a dedicated Private Equity Firm specializing in the acquisition of small and medium-sized enterprises across key global markets, including the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Singapore, and Australia. Our approach to each business acquisition is firmly rooted in principles of trust, unwavering integrity, equitable dealings, and utmost confidentiality. 


Our approach at GF Enterprises Holdings extends beyond mere acquisition; it embodies our belief in the enduring value of businesses. We prioritize a holistic integration strategy that not only retains the core strengths of the companies we bring into our fold but also fosters synergies, encourages innovation, and promotes a culture of shared success.

By doing so, we aim to create a robust ecosystem where each acquisition contributes to the collective growth and resilience of our portfolio. This approach not only benefits our stakeholders but also serves as a testament to our commitment to responsible and sustainable business practices in an industry often marked by short-term thinking and quick turnover.

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